Facebook Marketing

Experts on Facebook

Our social network experts work with both organic and paid Facebook campaigns. We develop the necessary content for these campaigns, design attractive graphics and create engagement with your potential customers.

Facebook advertising can be hard to master, but we have proven methods to help your campaigns skyrocket. With our know-how, Facebook can be a powerful lead generation tool or an online sales channel for your business.

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Experts

Although often used in some social media marketing campaigns, Twitter is an excellent tool to attract your followers and establish relationships that can turn them into potential customers. Ca Design Studio uses proven processes to develop a strong Twitter presence for your business.

We have extensive experience in paid advertising campaigns on Twitter for brand awareness, content promotion, reorientation and sales opportunity generation.

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Social Network Management
Social Network Management

Social Marketing Strategy

For social media marketing campaigns you involve and convert, you must start with an effective strategy. Our social media experts start by creating a personal buyer for your business and developing a content marketing plan tailored to specific challenges, needs and desires. After that, we configure, maintain and optimize your profile to speak directly with your potential customers.

Social Network Management

Content Development

Providing valuable content is what your social networking presence is all about. Our team immerses itself deeply in industry and audience analysis to determine the issues your followers are likely to interact with and share. To make sure you’re getting the most out of it, we also make sure that all relevant content includes customer action calls and internal SEO creation links..

Social Network Management

Paid Social Marketing

Paying on social networks is an effective way to promote your content to your followers and beyond, but it is also a complex process with many parts. As part of our social network management services, we monitor your paid social marketing campaigns from start to finish, helping you set up an optimized campaign. Our team has years of experience managing social media campaigns for companies in a variety of industries.



If you have any questions, please let us know, we want to be an extension of your company, our customers can confirm!